Well, what happened in February?  Sometimes life just gets in the way of writing, other times it can be work that gets in the way.  In this case, it was most definitely work.  I feel that it’s largely in the end, beneficial, as you will shortly see.  You’ll notice from my website that we undertake both commercial and government contracts and have done in one form or another for the last ten years. 2016 was looking like a year of considerable change and a refocus of where we could deploy both time and resources.  Incredibly as happens when you continually pump out positive vibes to the universe it likes to pay you back in kind.

Suffice to say a significant business opportunity came unexpectedly my way with the net result that we have at least a further three years work. As this was unexpected I had to pause and reconsider what to do in the digital space… well, one option (arguably the best from a commercial standpoint) was to drop the website and focus on social media only.  However, I still passionately believe in the aim of this site that is to make as many people as possible, capable of exceeding all expectations in every area of their lives.

Structurally I’ve already made a couple of changes, firstly removing any button which suggested you have to pay for anything and adding the word FREE here and there.  Yes, you can now get access to our coaching materials and in some circumstances ACTUAL physical coaching sessions for FREE.

FREE Coaching

FREE Resources

FREE Events (UK Only at present)

Armed with these resources etc you will be able to break down barriers whether personal or professional and begin your transformation into a better, stronger, healthier you.

Most significantly I’ve decided to make my personal challenge, something I’ve done every year for the last five years, to take what I know and apply it in a completely new area of business or life available for you too. My 2016 challenge actually has taken three years of careful research before I’ve been ready to dive in and could be the most significant I’ve undertaken so far.  If you would like to know more about the challenge then check out the challenge page on the site.

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