When you’re first thinking through an idea it’s important not to get bogged down in complexity. Thinking simple and clearly, is hard to do.
      Richard Branson.

The above quote comes directly from the website Virgin.com one of ten inspirational quotes from one of the UK most successful entrepreneurs Richard Branson.   For me spending time reading about the mindsets of inspiring business leaders is an essential exercise.  Wherever you focus your attention determines the results you ‘see’ and too often the devil truly is in the detail.  Over-analysis, before you even begin can result in you taking no action what so ever.  Yes, the detail is important but not before you have built the dream, solidified this into the Vision and Goals that extoll your Values through concrete actions.

Yet we must do more than just read we need to take action, not tomorrow but right now.  It can be as simple as picking up the phone, replying to an advertisement or even just saying yes.  The greatest of barriers is FEAR and yet fear as we all know is simply False Expectations Appearing Real.  The reality is that we need to accept that failure is always a possibility but that this is not inherently our destination. So bearing that in mind, what is a single action you can take right now to improve your business, your finances your relationships?  No matter how small, do it now.

Market research, a plan of action and sufficient cash to prime the business is all that is really required.  I’m sure we have all seen the nature documentaries where the tiny baby eagles jump from the nest with no certainty that they can fly yet they are using the power of modelling linked with there own market research and they do indeed fly.

Whether your first business venture or your fiftieth you need to approach it with the same zeal.  Throw yourself into the experience, whilst the destination may be uncertain the journey will be fun.  Making decisions used to be fun what sweets do you want, what toys do you want for Christmas and yet as we get older the joy seeps out of decisions and eventually, we feel we can’t make decisions at all.  We become victims of circumstance character in a play not of our writing.  I suspect that your decision-making muscles are in need of a work out to make a decision every day and soon you will be the director of your own life once more.

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