“While we can trace the origins of the modern institutions and convention of business to particular times and places, its primal essence goes back far beyond recorded history- back to the origins of human society itself.”

     Ajaz Ahmed (Limitless)

I was lucky enough to attend an event an Exeter University organized by HSBC and UKTI called Entrepreneur Exchange one of the speakers was Ajaz Ahmed CEO of AKQA.  One of the most interesting points made, focussed on the importance of creating both ‘Culture’ and ‘Values’ within your business.  Ajaz told the story of recruiting the wrong fit of person because he had failed to embed the culture and value into the recruitment process.  Ok, so that doesn’t sound that different to what you have probably read in a business book at some point in your careers.  However, it was really powerful to see a large organization which demands people live the values as opposed the vast majority for whom its an interesting intellectual exercise but hold no real subsense or commitment.

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