Case Study

One Year Results

The Challenge

We knew that international regulations increasingly recognise the need to move registry of ships and seafarer into a digital service.  Our founders brought together cutting-edge cloud-based technology and internationally recognised maritime expertise in creating Vessels HQ and Seafarer HQ, and initial clients were full of praise as to the power and usefulness of the service.

However, we lacked a clear and structured approach to sales and marketing with every sale being very hands on.  It was also becoming clear that while the team contained experts from many fields, we lacked the corporate experience to get the best out of everyone involved.


The Solution

We needed a consultant whoes knowledge and expertise could fill the gaps in our skill sets and provide leadership/support to the directors.

Meta-Manager provided us with clear corporate structure, helped us clarify our Vision and Mission statement and make them the centre of everything we do.  When it came to sales and marketing Meta-Manager enabled us to double our sales and pricing to move from selling single products to a platform, and helped us develop additional products and services that have become Oceans Cloud, a single sign-in portal that provides flag states with all their maritime services under one roof.


Business Growth


Profit Margin Increase


Increased Sales Volume

New Services Launched

The Results Were Amazing

Above and beyond the progress as a company we have been impressed with meta-managers approach blending consultancy, training and mentoring real knowledge transfer occurs every session.  The senior management team performance has raised to a level which has surprised us all, and we look to the future with a sense of confidence. 

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